Friday, February 25, 2011

Million Miles to Love

For many of us our ideology is rooted in God as a concept and not a person. At which point God becomes like a desk from ikea. There’s an instruction manual, a box full of parts, and a pretty picture on the front that shows us what the desk should look like. The problem is if we only read the instruction manual and look at the picture we’re missing out on the best part.
It’s when you actually begin unpacking the desk and utilizing the instructions, checking it against the picture on the box that the desk becomes real. You can interact with the desk, spend time with it and so on.

So is reading the instruction manual (Scripture) and studying the picture (Jesus) good? Absolutely! But there is so much more of God to unpack making God less and less like a concept and more and more like a person. You can be encouraged, enlightened, and uplifted by a concept But you can be consoled, comforted, and communed with by a person.

it's a constant process. So many times we get frustrated because we can't "see" God and so God gets mixed in with religion and it all becomes part of this whole cultural existence. The truth is we can "see" God if we are looking through the lens of the Holy Spirit...I can see Him in you, In the face of the poor and hungry, in the kindness of strangers, even in nature or unbelievers because they all carry traces of the Image of God

And the truth is getting to know God, and not just about God takes time. It’s like any other relationship. In the beginning all you have to build on are common interests, past experiences that are similar, and the weather. It’s fairly mechanical for a while. But then as the relationship progresses the “data” you’ve collected about each other starts to make way for a deeper connection. I cerebraly know you love sushi because we talked about it over coffee. I make us a dinner reservation at a Sushi restaurant and now we have a shared experience, which leads to learning more information and maybe that information touches the service of your emotions. And the cycle continues as long as the relationship does. So slowly but surely that concept of a divine being goes from being a million miles away to being The Father, Groom, Shepherd we know so well and so sweet we call Him by name “Love”.

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Lore said...

I love this.

Also, this is a good challenge. Thanks for laying it down.