Thursday, March 17, 2011

A quick note on love

Here are some lyrics from a song I've been working on with my friend Julia.

Wait - why’d you look at me that way?
You took my breathe w/ just one phrase
Then disappeared like yesterdays
I didn’t know I felt this way

For you now
Something has changed
And I never saw it coming
but you got my heart running in spades
I know that it’s no game

Lovers and friends
Lovers and friends
And you break up my day
You change all my plans

Lovers and friends
Lovers and friends
Sketching out hearts
With our toes in the sand
(Trading a walk in the park for a dance)
I’m so in love...

I love our Saturday’s
Coffee and a matinee
The sweet nothings that you say
They mean everything to me

Take my hand
We’ll drive the city home
I never will regret
having given you the best of my heart
Cause I know it’s just the start
Lovers and friends

Your kiss is like a roller coaster, your touch is like a movie scene
Baby come a little bit closer, you got me on the edge of my seat

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