Monday, July 27, 2009

Fall in Love with YOUR NIEGHBOR

the story of Turntable 222.

Fall, for many, is a time of new beginnings, some spend 12, 16, and even 20 years with fall as a transition into something new. A new grade, a new school, a new state or even country. Transitions don't stop however, when you receive a diploma or begin a career. They just cease to be scheduled.

When we are young seasons change with excitment. There are "back to school" sales, and winter vacations. Unfortunately, in adulthood, Macy's doesn't have a sale when a company downsizes; and there is no winter break from the responsibility of payment and process.

Over the course of my life I have shared space with many hospitable strangers, friends, and "makeshift family". In my time of need people have brought me in, given me a floor, bed , a comfy couch nestled by a window in a family room some where. I have poured out my soul over coffee and had my soul restored over tea. I have been taught how to learn and showed how to love well.

Transitions don't always come with a warning, and for many they don't come with support. It is this realization that has brought me to where I am now. Writing this letter from a donated couch in my living room. Picturing my house full of people who are leaving one season and transitioning or "Transferring" to the next.

The way I'm wired, the best way to connect with people, is to meet a physical need first and then if the opportunity arises, meet the spiritual or emotional needs as well. And often the three happen at once. This, along with all that I have said above, is the vision and heart of what is called "Turntable 222". A mission statement might read something like, "changing seasons, sharing life."

The hope is to give people a place to stay for little or no money, to have some time to collect their thoughts, stir up their soul, and feed their bellies. There's most definitely a need in this area. Within hours of signing the lease, I had a local pastor send me a guy who is trying to fix his marriage, strengthen his faith, and get his business off the ground. He was sleeping at the church and we were able to give him a roof, a shower, and a place to wash his clothes. And the calls keep coming.

So in case you haven't figured it out by now this is a support letter. I'm not going to build a well in Africa, or play soccer with orphans in Honduras.
I'm staying right here, in my small town and pouring into my community. I hope that you will partner with me in this endeavor. I know times are tight for many, money may not be an option. I understand. Or, maybe you just don't feel connected to this cause. St. Paul, the Apostle, told the early church that if they ever felt like they were giving out of pressure, they were not required to give.

Here are some practical ways you can help;
We are building some bunk beds, and
making some furniture for the dining room; which is to be set up like a cafe with room to seat about 16. we need money for materials.
Donations of furniture ie couches, coffee, tables, rugs whatever would be appreciated from local partners.

Food. soups pastas etc
Supplies, soaps, sponges, paper products
gift cards. Wal mart, Home Depot, Good Will

Financial donations will help cover the overhead cost and will help us provide for the needs of our borders and guests during their time of transition.

Or, a super practical way to help support the mission is to support my trade, refer someone you know who needs a website or print material done to me, and you will create an opportunity for resources to be put back into the house.

Thank you so much for reading this letter and letting me share my heart. Please contact me if you want more information.
Love well and be blessed.


Lore said...

I love this! I'm so proud of you buddy! This is amazing!

Justin said...

That is an incredible idea that is so needed now. I am really proud of you man!